Visiting this site means that probably you like Greece and that you are thinking about investing in our country by buying or building a house. If you are not sure about that, we can assure you that now is the right time to do it. The prices are getting low but the value of a real estate investment in Greece will always be high.

Probably you have already visited one of our beautiful islands this summer and you loved the sea, so you dream of having a beach house to spend a few months next summer or even move to live here permanently. There are many European citizens having already bought a house in a Greek island or in a mountain village and they are enjoying a beautiful and peaceful landscape right now!!!

If this is the case, then don’t hesitate to contact us to help you. We are a team of young but experienced engineers that could help you find the place and the house of your dreams or even better to build it. We can make all the research for you and inform you for every single case by mail so that you won’t have to travel here until something very interesting has come up.

Of course there are big real estate agencies that do this job, but you will just be one of their customers. We treat our customers as friends and you can be sure that dealing with us will be a great experience, just like the last vacation you spent here in Greece.

On behalf of our team,

Kostaki Dimitra


phone: +306936784765